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Venge io

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Venge io

When I was browsing the top shooting games on most popular gaming websites, Venge io was among the most popular games so I decided to try it. That was one year ago and by that time, I didn't enjoyed the game so much and wondered why it was chosen to become popular. When I played this game a few months later, I realized that I was playing absolutely different game - the developers are fully devoted to the game and constantly change it to make even better and more addictive. Today you can try yourself in the Venge io game and tell us, it this game meant to be on the top of shooting games?

Even though that there are a lot of similar shooting games, Venge io has something special that make it stand above the crowd. The graphics of the game is good but not the best one but the physics and battle scenes are made really good. The main mission of the player is to kill the enemies and unlock special skins and cards. At the beginning of the game it is adviced to create a free account - this way you can store your gaming progress and access it whenever you want.

Venge offers a unique features - special cards which can make your skills stronger - for example if you unlock card with grenades, you will get additional grenades for the match and so on. The developers did a really great job by adding hundreds of different cars - this make the game even more addictive. You should also keep in mind that you will be playing against real players all around the world so be prepared for a fight.

The number of weapons as well as their powers is similar for the most modern shooting games - you can choose one according your gaming skills. The best weapon for newbie player is a shotgun because it does a lot of damage in close range battles. Your main mission is to kill enemies and become the leader. Only in this way you can get high score and unlock cards. Venge io offers a lot of different game modes including Free For All (FFA), Domination, Steal The Flag and others. Believe me, you won't get bored playing this online game.

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