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1v1 LoL

About 1v1 LoL

1v1 LoL

As you might know, our website is dedicated to the JustBuild simulator which is a lite version of another famous multiplayer game - 1v1 LoL. At this page you can enjoy the latest version of the game for free and read the latest game news.

If you have never heared about the 1v1.LoL then you are not a fan of shooting games because this game is one of the best multiplayer games which you can play straight in your browser. The game is very similar to the legendary Fortnite by it's main feature - ability of building platforms. But in addition to it, the game offers an awesome battle scenes, great gameplay and just awesome graphics. Let me tell you more about the main features of the game.

1v1 LoL is a shooting game with several game modes : you can choose 1 vs 1 mode where you will fight against a random player or you can enter the 2 vs 2 or 4 vs 4 mode. The game also offers the battle royale mode so I sm sure you will find one which suits you better. In 1 vs 1 mode, you are connected to random player and have to kill him in order to win. There are several weapons which you can choose and a wonderful ability to build platforms. Building platforms is very important to protect yourself and make a better spot for a hidden attacks. The weapons differ from each other by the damage, range and speed. The close-range battle are better for shotguns while long-range fights are best for sniper rifle. You will need some practice to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon.

1v1 is famous for it's worderful graphics - you may have feeling that you are playing a top video game rather then an online game in your browser. The best thing I love about this game is that it does not make any additional options like registration - you enter the match as soon as you load the game. Another wonderful feature is a battle royale mode. In fact, the battle royale mode is the key factor of game success in addition to availability on all platforms. You can try this game right now.

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